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"You'll get some of the very best agricultural minds engaged to find a bespoke milk solution at the Milk Department".

                                                    David Koch - Managing Director

Our Senior Team of David, Koch, Felicity Koch, Chris Aucote and Simone Ross has been built on complimentary agricultural and farming expertise. We proudly have no less than 25 years experience each in agriculture and business. Between us, we have lived on dairy farms, run our own farms, milked cows, run our own agricultural businesses, worked for FMCG and agricultural Corporates, studied agriculture and sustainability. We are all based rural regionally.


On one side of the fence, we have global experience in food and agricultural and on the other-side we are streetwise in managing milk flows to factory and connecting milk buyers and Farmers. We are experienced in devising cutting-edge sustainable business solutions in agricultural rich environments that are Farmer focused and ensure businesses thrive.

With entrepreneurial milk in our veins, we are passionate about sustainable milk. We aspire to be a key player in helping the Australian dairy industry thrive.

We look forward to working with you!

David Koch - Managing Director

Chris Aucote - Manager Operations

Simone Ross - Farm Business Development Manager

Felicity Koch - Manager Sustainability and Stakeholder Engagement (Media Enquiries)

Phone 1300 995 141

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