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Coles to invest in Australian Dairy farmers and directly source raw milk.

Updated: Jun 4, 2019

Australian Diary Farmers from the 4 June 2019 will be able to supply their milk directly to Coles Supermarkets through the Coles Sustainable Diary Program. Initially Coles is seeking to build relationships with Farmers in Victoria, Southern and Central New South Wales for the supply of milk to meet its fresh milk requirements to be processed in Melbourne and Sydney. Farmers supplying milk to Coles will also are able to participate in a sustainability platform with $1.9 Million to reinvested back on farm.

Coles is focused on giving more back to farmers, paying a leading market price, longer-term contracts and to choose how much of their milk they want to supply.

If you are a Farmer and are interested in supplying your Milk to Coles, you are invited to express your interest through their appointed milk manager, Milk Department. Please complete the online form to commence the process and the team from Milk Department will be in contact.

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